​​​Sterling Miss Productions

Sterling Miss:  Empowering. Caring. Serving.    

Sterling Miss is a pageant system for girls who realize that winning is not just about getting a shiny crown. It is about setting an example for young girls, being a leader for their peers, caring, sharing that love with others, and giving back to their communities. A Sterling Miss girl sets the bar and then rises above it.  She shines from the inside out.  She is Sterling. 

Director DiDi Henry has been producing pageants since 2005. She also served as a Miss Alabama Preliminary Director for five years, where she won numerous awards, including Best New Prelim. In 2016, she was named one of The Pageant Planets Top 10 National Directors of the Year.  Read more here: https://thepageantplanet.com/top-10-national-pageant-directors-of-2016/ 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need experience to participate?  Anyone can participate and benefit from the Sterling Miss system. It is all about getting on stage and getting comfortable being there. It is about trying something new and growing from the experience.

Is Sterling Miss a Glitz Pageant?  No, we are a SEMI-GLITZ pageant, as we allow light makeup, spray tans and hair extensions pageant hairstyles. We do not allow flippers and oversized hair pieces on our baby to petite contestants.  Please keep makeup age appropriate on younger groups- meaning, we do not want the full glitz, overdone look on our babies and smaller age groups. We do not want the hair and makeup to OVERPOWER the contestant. If you are in doubt, please call the director and check the individual pageant applications for more details of what is allowed for that particular pageant, including wardrobe. We encourage young ladies to dress in age-appropriate attire.  

How do I register and pay my fees?  You can fill out your application online from our website. When done, just click on SUBMIT and your application is in our mailbox. To pay your registration and add any optionals, visit our online store, which you an access through our menu at the top of the page. Click on SHOP and you will be walked through the process. It is very easy.  If you don't pay through the website, we take a check or money order made payable to STERLING MISS or cash.  We will not take any payment or entries at the door.

Will I be able to practice before the pageant?  Once checked in, the contestant may go on stage to look for the stage “X’ markings to show where they should walk during their onstage presentation and practice.  A diagram of the basic walk is found on the homepage of our website at www.SterlingMiss.org. If your child has competed before and has her own walk, that is fine. Judges are NOT looking at what direction the contestant is going to make her way to each “x”…just how she carries herself from point to point.  Points will NOT be deducted for not following this walk pattern.

Can I walk with my child on stage?   Moms will escort Baby and Tiny Contestants on stage.  Petites may walk with Mom, if needed, but they are encouraged to enter the stage and model by themselves. ONLY ONE PARENT/GUARDIAN is allowed on the stage or in the staging area at any time. Grandparents, friends, etc. must be seated in the audience once the pageant begins.  For the Awards Presentation: Mom or Dad must be on stage standing BEHIND the Contestant (Baby, Tiny or Petite) to assist us with recognizing the winners of our Optionals and Age Category Winners.  Once the child’s name is called, the parent needs to bring the child forward to receive her awards.

For Little Miss to Teen Contestants, the girls will enter the stage and model alone. During the Awards Ceremony, as your name is called, please take a few steps forward, so it helps us identify our winners. 

What is the People’s Choice Queen?   This is always a fun and exciting part of our competition! We award a People’s Choice Crown and Sash for each age division where money is collected for a charity we designate for that pageant. For $1.00 a vote, friends and family can vote for their favorite contestant, and the contestant that raises the most money will win a special crown and sash.  Some parents put donation jars on their desks at work. Some contestants go door-to-door to solicit donations for their jar.  Some have even had yard sales to add cash to their jars because the money goes to good causes:  Proceeds are donated to various charities including The Children’s Miracle Network, which is the charity of the Miss Alabama/Miss America system and other local charities of choice for that particular pageant.  Jars with each contestant’s name on it will be set up at the People’s Choice table located at the back of the room the day of the pageant. Money can be dropped in when you arrive, and friends and family can continue to make donations to the jar until THE PAGEANT STARTS. Voting will be closed at that time. We do not award a Double Crown in this category. That means, if the overall winner of the age division, also raises the most money for People’s Choice, she will win the Title Crown for her age division, and the next person who raises the most money for People’s Choice in that age category, will win the People’s Choice Crown and Sash. That contestant may still be a runner-up or finalist in the competition.  

What are Optional Categories?   Optional categories offer extra opportunities for contestants to win awards. Optionals, which are listed on the application, are available in each age division for an extra fee.  OPTIONALS, meaning if you chose to participate or decide not to, it does not affect your score. Optionals may include: Prettiest Eyes, Hair, Smile, Best Personality, Top Model, Most Photogenic and Best Interview (if interview is part of the pageant competition).

Who can compete?

Sterling Miss is home to Sterling Miss USA, The Miss River Region Pageant, Alabama Christian Miss, The Miss Miracle Maker Pageant (which benefits Children's Miracle Network) and several holiday-themed pageants. Our pageants are open to young ladies, of all ages but you should check with each pageant to see what ages may compete in that particular pageant.  There are no area restrictions for any of our pageants.