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Contestants: For an additional $100, you can purchase a custom preliminary crown and personalized embroidered sash to represent your state, regional or local title to enjoy for your year.  You can wear your Preliminary Sash and Crown in the months leading up to the national pageant and even after the pageant, if you don't win the national crown. So as not to duplicate titles, all titles must be approved through Sterling Miss prior to ordering. Please note that sashes and crowns are not ordered until the registration is paid in full.  Production time for the sash is 3-4 weeks (longer during the holiday season or in the few weeks leading up to the pageant), as each sash is individually made and personalized with your name and title.  The sash will not go into production until this order form is completed and returned to Sterling Miss, by completing the required fields below and hitting the SUBMIT button below. A RUSH FEE OF $20 is added if the client needs the sash sooner, once the rush order is approved by the sash vendor.

Sterling Miss USA and the Sash Vendor are not responsible for errors made in the embroidering of the sashes based on the information that you provide on this form, so please proof your information carefully before it is sent to us.

Once completed, the sash will be mailed directly to you from the vendor. The preliminary crown will be mailed from Sterling Miss.

NOTICE: By clicking the SUBMIT BUTTON, you agree that you have fully read the information above the submission form and that you understand that the client accepts FULL RESPONSIBILITY for any errors found after production based on information provided by the client on this order form, and is responsible for FULL REPLACEMENT COSTS and SHIPPING should a reprint be required.  Please review your form carefully before sending.

Crown &  Sash Order Form