Miss Game Day Gorgeous Pageant

Saturday, September 23, 2017 @ 2:30 p.m.

Saint Joseph's Catholic Church Fellowship Hall 

511 N. Memorial Drive, in Prattville, Alabama 36067

Applications & Registration Due by Friday, Sept. 15th

ONLY 8 paid and registered Contestants allowed per age division!

Registration includes entry into Best Dress, Prettiest Hair & Prettiest Eyes optionals.

Ages:  Newborn to 18 yrs. - 7 age divisions
Every child in the Baby to Petite Miss Divisions receives a crown, if they don't win a division or supreme crown.
Placements (based on number of contestants): Winners in each division receives a crown and sash.  1st, 2nd, and 3rd alternates receive small crowns (baby to petite miss divisions) or medals (little miss and up).

2 Supreme Titles will be awarded to the highest scoring contestant in the Baby to Petite division and in the Little to Teen Miss Division. Winners will receive crowns and sashes.

2 People's Choice Titles will be awarded to the contestants who raise the money for the local charity that will be supported in this pageant: The Family Sunshine Center. 
Crowns and sashes will be awarded to the top fundraiser in the Baby to Petite Miss Division and the Little to Teen Miss Division.  Winners will receive crowns and sashes. It is not a requirement to raise funds to compete in the pageant.

Attire:   Formal Gown (does not have to be in game day colors)
Short for Baby and Tiny Divisions. Long or Short for Petite Division and Long for Little Miss and up.  Scores for your overall presentation,  dress, hair, and eyes will be added to get your total score.

Side Competitions:  

GAME DAY CASUAL WEAR of choice for $20.  
Each age division winner will receive a crown and sash or medal. 
This is an optional event and will not be added to your total score.

PHOTOGENIC - $15 first entry only, with $5 per entry up to three additional.  ​
Each age division winner receives and crown and sash or medal. This is an optional event and will not be added to your total score.

 CLICK HERE for GAME DAY PAGEANT WAIVER (to turn in at pageant registration) and the Pageant Information Guide.


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