​​​Sterling Miss Productions

Book your Hair & Makeup Vendor today by contacting one of these ladies directly.

Some of them also do spray tans.

We are fortunate to have some very talented H&M vendors who are experts in their field and will work with you to give you your "perfect look" onstage and in interview!

These vendors can be found on Facebook:

Asia Davison

​Lori Hudgins

Ginger Mcclellan

Carson Smith

Kelsey Dee Varallo

Hair & Make upInformation

Spray tans, Hair extensions, Fake nails, Lashes*, and

Flippers are all allowed.

Petite to Little Miss - For Interview, go a little lighter on makeup, as they will be sitting one-to-one at a table for Round Robin interviews. *No lashes for interview. For stage, style hair and make up as desired.

For Pre-Teen and Up - style hair and make up as desired for interview and stage. Lashes are fine for all phases of competition.