​​​Sterling Miss Productions

Optionals  & Mini Optionals Competition

Optionals and Mini Optionals are a fun way to win extra awards.

Optionals are judged by a separate panel of judges and awarded during the pageant finale.  

Mini Optionals are judged during the pageant finale.

The Best Interview Award goes to the contestant with the highest score of those who

compete in this mini optional.

Optionals are $50 each, with a limit of 2 entries per optional category unless otherwise noted.  For instance, you may enter two Casual Wear or two Best Actress entries, etc.

Winners will win trophies and a cash prize (to be determined by the number of entries).  Alternates will receive trophies and the number of placements are determined

by the number on entries. 
Payment for optional contests will be due in mid-June 2019
Date to be determined.

Talent                                                                              - $50 per entry

Top Model Photo Shoot                                            - $50 – 1 entry only. Space limited.

Patriotic Wear Fashion                                                      - $50 per entry

Casual Wear                                                                  - $50 per entry

Photogenic                                                                    - $50 for first entry.  

                                                                                      Additional entries are $10 each.

Actress                                                                            - $50 per entry

Spokes Model                                                                  - $50 per entry

Mini Optionals$25 per entry or all 7 Mini Optionals for $130!  Mini optional winners will receive medallions.  Payment for Mini Optional contests will be due in mid-June 2019. 

Date to be determined.

Mini Optionals are awarded per age division for:  Best Interview, Best Gown, Top Model, Prettiest Hair, Prettiest Eyes, Prettiest Smile and Best Personality. 


Winners in each of these divisions receive  trophies. 

Community Service Award- All Age Divisions (Free to enter). Sterling Miss Girls are Empowering. Caring. Sharing.  We love recognizing young ladies who give back to their communities.  Paperwork will come with your packet.                                                                                                             

Scholastic Award:  Open to Little Miss and Up (Free to enter)
Paperwork will come with your packet.